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SSAS Pensions & ICW Property

ICW Property often work with Small Self Administered pension Schemes (SSAS) offering trustees investments in our projects starting at just £20k, with security via a first or second charge on the property.

We know Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) very well, we have our own scheme, our director Ian Welsh co hosts the SSAS North West network, which as well as offering help and guidance to fellow SSAS trustee’s also hold meeting in Manchester (
We are also members of the SSAS Alliance Network run by Mark Stokes a leading authority on property and SSAS pensions.

We offer a number of investment options for SSAS pensions holders, SSAS Loans to ICW Property with security in the form of first or second charges on the property, Joint Ventures with SSAS property investors who understand the market well and we also loan out our funds to projects and people we know in the property world.

Property is a pillar of wealth and we offer investments to build that wealth but we take care that clients understand projects before investing, seek independent advice and guidance of their pension managers.

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