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Project: Offices, Crewe

Property Type:
12sqf Office Crewe Town Centre.

Desired Outcome:
Split into a Commercial Multiple Occupancy (CMO), create smaller office units for individual rental, thus increasing the building yield.

We had been in the process of buying an office next door, the vendor pulled out and we enquired with other businesses in the row if they wanted to sell, a vacant unit replied and we purchased.

We started a schedule of works to split the office into six smaller units to let out on individual licenses, very similar to co-working but companies have their own space within the building.
Being our first commercial property we learnt a great deal, much around commercial regulations and fire requirements.

Whilst in the middle of refurbishment we received an enquiry from a children’s charity who had a requirement for individual counseling rooms within one property, our layout suited their requirement and we agreed a 5 year FRI lease from when the works would be completed in October.

During & After Picture’s Below.

The Numbers
Purchase: £118,000
Development: £10,000
Total: £128,000

2023 New Market Value with New Lease: £160,000
Rented at £12k pa, increasing to £15k pa in 2 years – 9.4% – 11.7%

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