Property Development & Investment

z-How We Work and What We Offer

We offer a number of services for new or seasoned property investors alike, from a viewing service with pictures and full report, access to our local power team of solicitors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, planning consultants etc.

Viewing Service:
We offer a property viewing service around the North West UK with follow up pictures and report for remote investors. We are very experienced at what to look for in a property, good and bad, also we know the North West very well and what works in each area, Serviced Accommodation in Salford? HMO in Crewe? we can provide the insight you are looking for.

Power Team Services:
Need a efficient, competitively priced solicitor in the North West? We have Laura and her team on hand to help.
Looking at a planning gain, we have Linda with over thirty years planning experience here to help.
Need the right mortgage product, Rick has the knowledge and relationships with lenders that can take care of that.
Surveyors, insurance broker, we are happy to let you use our connections in the North West that we have built up over several years, we have cleaners, plumbers, electricians, builders that we all know personally.

We also often have ready to go investments starting from £20k or can source more specific property to fit with your investment strategy.

Single ‘Buy to Let’ investments, the traditional property investment used by many people over the past fifteen years and still one of the best most secure investments available. We have these in our own portfolio and recommend anyone looking for a solid investment that will cash flow monthly to invest in single buy to lets.

Recent tax changes and media scare mongering has discouraged many investors in the market but in our opinion with mortgage rates set to stay low for the foreseeable future and using the right investment structure, which we help you create, this is still a great investment.

We often have projects available or can source bespoke properties to fit your agenda, the property is purchased in your name or business so your investment is secured against the property.

Please contact us today to arrange an informal meeting to discuss further.

Investment Loans:
We have a number of our own projects that we require funding for and can offer a healthy return on money loaned for use in these projects. Your money is secured against the property with a ‘first charge’ or ‘second charge’ over the property while the project is ongoing, thus any issues, you have a rights over that property.

Please contact us today to arrange an informal meeting to discuss further.

House of Multiple Occupancy and Serviced Accommodation investments:
Very much the ‘hot’ property investment right now, both strategies give high return on investment as you can see from our examples page but both take more effort and time to manage.

We can source the properties and help put the teams in place to manage HMO’s and SA investments, agents, cleaners etc.

Please contact us today to arrange an informal meeting to discuss further.

For more information on any of the above investments or if you would like a relaxed no pressure meeting to discuss how ICW Property could help with your investment strategy please contact us.

Information on our fees for investments and sourcing can be be found here, ICW Property Investment and Sourcing Fees